Choosing a Bath or Spa for your Home

Bath tubs are manufactured from either porcelain enamel on steel or fibreglass reinforced sanitary grade acrylic sheet. The steel ones are awfully heavy and older styles, so the fibreglass option is most popular today.

Baths range in length from 1370mm to 1800mm, the width also varies from 750mm to 840mm. The height varies from 300mm to 550mm depending on the design.

Some points to consider when selecting your new bath:

>Who will be using the bath?  Will it be used mainly for the children or as a place or relaxation for adults?

>Will you be showering over the bath?  If so will you want more foot space or a square design tub?

>What style would suit your bathroom design?

>Do you want an island setting, inset or freestanding bath? Or would a corner bath give you more space?

>Do you want armrests and headrests?

When selecting a spa think about the above points as well as:

>How many jets would you require? Do you need a therapeutic spa to address specific health problems?

>Would you consider a dual spa with both hydro and air jets for the ultimate spa experience?

> Placement of the spa pump is critical, depending on where the spa is sitting.

>Who will be using the spa?  Do you want dual or single person spa?

Then once you know what you want and need, get going and then enjoy a warm bubbly bath!

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