7 Top Tips For Your Next Renovation

bathroom-bike-decor There is a lot to be done when renovating any house or room. Once you know what room you are going to begin with try to follow these steps to help you along the way.

1. It is best to know what you want before starting!

So what is the best way to know what u want? Most people search online where they can get some great ideas and inspirations. Here are a few places you can get some inspirations for different rooms in your home:

2. Choose your favourite finishes, materials, products and fittings.

It is easy to gather them all together on a Pintrest board or save them to a file that you can easily access. Cost is not important at this stage, just pin whatever you like and best suits your style. Here are some inspirational boards you might like to follow:

3. Now it is time to get a few quotes for your chosen materials such as bench tops, wallpaper and tiles.

Knowing your budget and what you are looking for will help determine what items are worth that little extra and where you can save. Do not forget to check out auction houses like Grays Online. Also eBay and gumtree are great places to find bargains for your renovation. Here are some other ideas for saving while renovating:

4. You can opt to do the renovation by yourself, or an expert can help you save time and money by avoiding unexpected problems that you could be confronted with.

Interview potential architects or interior designers to see if their style fits in with what you want. You should also get samples of your desired paint swatches and tiles, so you can see how they work together in different lighting around your house.

5. It is important to use the right builder for the job.

Remember that all owner-builders need to obtain a permit. Any works that will be carried out worth over $12,000 in some states require completion of a course or a certificate of consent is needed, all of which are extra expenses. Ask your friends or work mates if they could recommend a builder they have dealt with. Take a look at the quality of previous jobs they have completed. Once you have narrowed down the list, pick your favourite. Here are a couple builders we recommend:

6. Once the designs and plans have all been approved, it is time to begin!

Once your renovation is under way you should follow the progress closely to avoid any irreparable problems. You should keep in touch with the builder regularly to make sure everything is going to plan and that any issues are sorted out promptly.

7. One final tip is to have fun with it, there is no need to stress; renovating should be fun!

You are already one step closer to creating your comfortable dream home. Best of luck!

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