6 Bathroom Design Trends for 2015

2015 will bring a major overhaul in bathrooms; everything from colour schemes to tubs and tiles will be upgraded, according to the National Kitchen and Bath Association’s style report. Frameless showers to designer lighting fixtures; bathrooms are totally taking the spotlight next year.

Luxury bathroom trends are growing and will make anyone want to take a nice long bath or a hot steam shower, in the comfort of their own home. With just an extra fitting or two, you can transform your entire bathroom functionality.

Hamish Kofoed, Specification and Design Manager for Mico Design New Zealand, thinks the bathroom has grown to be more essential to people due to busy schedules, multiple functionality and evolving technology. “The bathroom of today needs to be one’s sanctuary from the daily machinations of everyday life, as well as a place of inspiration and contemplation, all the while enabling a number of different functional requirements.”

Demand is growing for custom lighting in showers, soaking tubs, an inclination towards free-standing tubs, benches or seats in showers and steam showers. Barbara Sallick, cofounder and senior vice president of design, Waterworks, believes the bathroom nowadays is decorated with the same care and attention as the rest of the house. Here are some of the trend highlights for 2015 that should be considered for your next renovation or new home build.
Lighting Fixtures

Who said designer lighting was reserved for kitchens and living rooms? These days we see a large diversity in bathroom lighting that stand out and make a bathroom unique.

With new ever changing technology, there are impressive ideas designed for lighting in showers and other wet areas. Even colour-changing shower head lighting options make for some fun in the bathroom.

Those who put on makeup in the bathroom mirror can appreciate having good lighting. Always take into consideration the amount of natural light you have in the bathroom and choose the appropriate type of lighting fixtures to work with the bathroom layout. National Kitchen and Bath Association believe homeowners want easy accessibility and lots of light in their bathrooms nowadays.

Limitless Showers

Walk-in showers, also known as “doorless showers,” “curb-less showers,” and “no-threshold showers” offer more accessibly and an open bathroom design which is on trend. Many people have busy life-styles and opt for having a larger shower in their bathroom that will be greatly utilised.

Mainstreaming of the “home spa” has been present with an increasing percentage of customers demanding more serenity and comfort from their products. People are gravitating towards luxury features such as two people bathing or showering with overhead rain showers, side water jets, massage jet functionality and steam showers. These former luxuries are becoming more affordable for all homeowners.

Keep in mind when accommodating for a walk-in shower that the water isn’t spraying close to carpet or wood flooring. The floor of your shower also needs to angle towards the drain to ward off standing water and ensure even drainage.

Soaking Tubs

Soaking and free-standing tubs have become ever so popular, so much so that we can expect a decline in the use of standard bathtubs in the years to come. Free-standing tubs are among the top trends for bathrooms in 2014 and will continue to grow in popularity in 2015. Today’s busy lifestyle influences people’s choice to opt for these gorgeous bathroom features to create a peaceful place where one can be alone and take a breather. Create a day spa at home to indulge the senses and be a wellness retreat to soothe the body.

Shades of Gray

The National Kitchen and Bath Association found gray to be the most popular colour choice for the bathroom. No more plain white and black or bright coloured tiles will be incorporated in bathrooms in the years to come. Inspired by natural stone palettes with interesting new grey and beige (greige) tones, these colours provide a peaceful feel in the bathroom. The survey of kitchen and bathroom professionals say that gray will be the fasted growing colour scheme along with white fixtures and polished chrome fixtures.


Timber and timber veneer surface treatments are also a leading trend for 2015. This wood-look goes well with the new greige tones that provide textural significance in bathrooms. “This trend featured strongly in the Kitchen space at Eurocucina this year and will be a strong direction for bathroom palettes as well” says Kofoed, Specification and Design Manager for Mico Design New Zealand.

Judd Lord, director of industrial design, Delta Faucet Company says “We’re seeing clean, minimalist design dressed in warmer, traditional finishes.” People are drawn towards wood-look vanities and even wooden tubs in their bathrooms. The combination of grey tiles and warm timber is extremely chic and inviting. Natural materials have a soothing touch, so enjoy tranquility surrounded by feel good items.

Clean Contemporary

According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association’s style report, over 400 designers agreed there is a move toward simplicity in a contemporary way. This doesn’t mean the bathroom is going to lose its cosier appeal, but cleaner lines and a more minimalist modern vibe will be utilised. Everything from vanities, storage units and other bathroom fittings will be made simpler. Contemporary shelving will not only help to give your bathroom a lift, they add handy storage where space is limited. Judd Lord, director of industrial design, Delta Faucet Company says “There is a move to eliminate hardware, with hidden, built-in handles for a cleaner look.”

According to the NKBA 2014 Design Trends Survey we can enjoy these updates to our bathrooms for many years to come. As long as we select the trends that will suit the limitations in our bathrooms. The main trend take-away of the survey is that “contemporary, spa-like, accessible and easy-to-maintain bathrooms are in.” Favour clean lines and natural materials to make the space fresh and inviting.

Overall, these all trends are an expression of how we live. Most customers now have a desire for increased accessibility, universal design and easy maintenance features in their bathrooms. Any design should meet the needs of all those who will be utilising the bathroom so determine if that pedestal bathtub or a larger vanity are worth the investment. Just as a house is made a home by choosing features that uniquely fit the needs of the family, the same holds true for the bathroom. So why not rejuvenate your bathroom and your senses by creating your own personal wellness retreat.

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